On January 11,2018 I had the opportunity to watch the movie, Heal. This was the second screening organized by Angela MacIntyre-Harris as part of Work of Heart’s ongoing mission to inspire people and to motivate them to live their best life.

I attended the afternoon showing of the movie, and I was pleased to see many people that I knew, including Angela’s mother Hazel, who I had known years ago when I was involved with the Catholic Women’s League. It was a funny moment when Angela “introduced us” and we realized that we already knew each other. The Work of Heart community is like that. You meet someone, and when you get talking, you see all the ways that you are already connected.

Angela started off the event by sharing her own experience of finding the trailer for the movie, and then sending in a request to host a screening, which she did in November of 2017. That session sold out and there was interest in having another event, and that is what led her to host it again in January, this time having 2 screenings.

The film itself presents scientists, spiritual leaders and personal testimonies about the power thoughts, beliefs and emotions have on a person’s ability to heal. I have DVDs of “You Can Heal Your Life”, “The Secret” and “I Am”, and many of the same ideas are presented in “Heal”. A major difference was watching it with a group of like minded people. It created a closeness and safe space. I also noticed I was nodding in agreement with many of the presentations and it reminded me to take the time to practice some of the techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and yoga.

Angela had prepared questions for reflection, and I will use them to share insights that I had.

I went to see Heal because 2017 was a challenging year for me, and I wanted to cleanse that energy as I was moving into 2018. The most impactful part of the film for me was seeing the healing that was happening for a woman with a skin disorder, and seeing how her mindset and her inability to forgive her mother created blocks to her healing. Her session with EFT was very powerful. There wasn’t anything that I disagreed with. I was glad to see that there was a balance between “traditional” medicine practices and the spiritual ones. Seeing the movie has reinforced my beliefs in the mind-body connection and that I need to take time to cleanse and release negative energy.

After coming home from the movie, I did release a lot of negative energy, the best way I know how, by crying… a lot. My poor husband held me close and let me sob, even when I couldn’t put into words why I was crying. That went on for a couple of days. Not continually, but I allowed myself to cry when I felt the need. I did feel so much better afterwards a.

I’m so grateful to Angela and Work of Heart, for bringing Heal to Moncton. I am looking forward to Work of Heart 2018 in February, and to meeting more people who are also on a journey of healing.

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