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24/7 Fitness Club is located at 121 Pine Glen Road, Riverview. Ray and I have been members there since February 2019, and we have trained at the location when it was under different management. We love the friendliness of the staff and other members.

It can be hard to walk into a gym, even when you are used to training. You can read a post that I wrote just over a year ago here. It’s still a challenge, but I am learning to be kinder to myself again. I’m sad that United Performance Gym is no longer, but I’m happy to have found a new “home gym” at 24/7 Fitness.

This is an interview with owner Jason Gallant.

What is the history of 24/7 Fitness Club?

The gym has always been an independent, stand-alone operation and has been located at 121 Pine Glen Road in Riverview for the last 15 years.

What is your role?

I am the owner/manager of the business and as such, responsible for all aspects of the operation. This requires my on-site presence during business hours so that I can ensure first hand that customers are getting what they need. I recognize and know by name virtually all the customers and dialogue with them regularly.

How did you become involved?

I was a customer/user of the business for about five years, during which time I became acquainted with the owner. When an opportunity arose in 2018, I was only too pleased to negotiate with him and assume the ownership role.

What is the mission of 24/7 Fitness Club?

The mission of the business is to ensure that customers get the advice, equipment and environment they need to fulfill their own personal fitness objectives.

What is the one thing you would like the public to know about 24/7 Fitness Club?

The gym caters to a wide assortment of members-both young and old, male and female, hard bodies and those with room for improvement. There is on-site help to explain the use of the equipment and to answer customer’s queries. There is a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with all users able to work at their own pace to pursue their own objectives. The full range of equipment ensures that machines are generally available for instant use.


24/7 Fitness Club is currently running a special where you can get 4 months membership for the price of three. They have 3-day trial membership so you can check it out for yourself. As the name implies, you can access the gym 24/7 with your membership swipe key.  You can find them here. 

Thanks, Jason for taking the time to share the story of 24/7 Fitness Club.

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