Travelling with Grown-up Kids: New Brunswick

My daughter Meaghan came home to Moncton this summer and she brought along her boyfriend Ian. We took the opportunity to spend time  Travelling with Grown-up Kids to some local attractions.

We are thankful for the complimentary passes from Resurgo Place, Magnetic Hill Zoo, the Albert County Museum and Kings Landing and gift certificate from Magnetic Hill Wharf Village Restaurant. I appreciate the sponsorship from these organizations in our “Travelling with Grown-up Kids” feature. All opinions are my own. Continue reading “Travelling with Grown-up Kids: New Brunswick”

Travelling with grown-up kids:The Fortress of Louisbourg

One of the places we were Travelling with the grown-up kids in Cape Breton was the Fortress of Louisbourg. It has grown from a small museum to become North America’s largest historical reconstruction. Continue reading “Travelling with grown-up kids:The Fortress of Louisbourg”

Travelling With The Grownup Kids: Cape Breton

We are grateful for the complimentary passes and tours from Parks Canada at The Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell Museum and The Fortress of Louisbourg. Also, thanks to The Highland Village for the complimentary passes we received. I appreciate the partnerships of these organizations that enhanced our “Travelling with the kids as grown-ups” trip to Cape Breton Island. All opinions are our own.


Our first edition of “travelling with the grownup kids” is about some of the places we visited with our oldest son, Sean and his partner, Meaghan, on our trip to Cape Breton Island. Watch for upcoming location-specific blogs that will describe our visit in more detail. Continue reading “Travelling With The Grownup Kids: Cape Breton”

Top Ten Reasons To Travel with your Grown-up Kids

“Travel with your Grown-up Kids” is a new series I am starting.  I will be sharing experiences of travelling with our kids and their partners. I thought that by starting off with this “top ten list”, it might encourage some of you who still have “littles” that things do get easier! Enjoy. Continue reading “Top Ten Reasons To Travel with your Grown-up Kids”