Christmas shows you may have missed

It seems that there is much discussion about the Hallmark channel Christmas movies. There are lists of the “best” and the “worst”, though honestly, I can’t really tell the difference.

With hundreds of channels and streaming services, there are more shows available than ever before. I think it is wonderful that technology gives us the ability to watch shows whenever we want, but it’s kind of sad that we miss the anticipation of waiting for a show, or an event.

Back in the day, when we only had 2 channels and no means to record anything, it was a special treat to be allowed to stay up late to watch the Christmas shows. I’m glad that some of the classics are still played on TV, but there are more I’m sure you have not seen.

Here is a list of my favourite Christmas shows.

The Christmas Messenger

This 1975 movie starring Richard Chamberlain combines animation and live action to tell the story of a mysterious visitor. You can find it on YouTube in part 1, part 2 and part 3. My favourite Santa of my collection reminds me of this story.

The Little Drummer Boy

This is a stop-motion animated film based on the song of the same name. It debuted in December 1968. I was 4 years old. I remember crying every time I watched it, but I couldn’t imagine Christmas without it.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Yes, I know there have been versions since this one from 1966, but to me, it remains the best. Dr. Seuss drew it himself, based on the book that was published in 1957. He also wrote the lyrics for “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”. The book and movie criticized the commercialism of Christmas, and  Dr. Seuss insisted that it be commercial free.  It always makes me a little sad when I see how commercialized Dr. Seuss’s work has become.

A Charlie Brown Christmas


The ultimate Christmas movie, first shown in 1965, it tells of Charlie Brown’s struggle to find the meaning of Christmas. With its iconic soundtrack and a feel-good ending, it really brings home what Christmas is all about. My favourite part has always been when Linus takes the stage. I’ve watched that show every year from the time I can remember.  A few years ago I saw what happens when he says, “fear not” and I wrote a blog about it.

I hope that you will take the time to watch some of these “oldies”. Maybe it will cause you to remember some favourite shows from your childhood.






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