How Shakira and Jennifer Lopez helped me get my fire back.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez helped me get my fire back. Or rather, the fallout from their show did.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed at the Super Bowl half time show and the internet lost its mind. That’s the short version of this story. The long version is so much more interesting than that.

Around 9:00 I turned on the television, just in time to watch the half time show, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and then I went to bed.

The next morning Ray and I were up early to go to the gym. Facebook was on fire with posts about the “inappropriate” performances. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I didn’t reply to anything at first, but it was starting to get the fire back in my soul.

As I went through the day, I could feel that fire burning in me like I haven’t felt in years. I was trying to understand where it was coming from. Finally, it hit me, and I posted this on Facebook and Instagram.

I had heard those same words when I decided to compete in bikini 5 years ago. People telling me what they thought a 50-year-old should do and wear.

Hips Don’t Lie

Shakira and JLO danced and performed and at 43 and 50 years old, they frigging ROCKED it. The dancing and costumes were made for entertainment value. Of course! It’s the biggest show in America, and broadcast around the world. The first time 2 Latina entertainers performed at the Super Bowl gave them a huge audience to be able to make some important political statements including having children in cages.

As many of you know I have struggled these last few years. I have been trying to lose weight so that I can feel more like the person I used to be. I have written about it on more than one occasion. Here’s one. I realized this week that the weight had nothing to do with it. It was the fire that I had lost. The fire that burned so bright when I was onstage showing women “of a certain age” that you could follow your passion no matter who thinks or says otherwise. The times that I defended myself and my choices reinforced the choices I made.

Whenever, Wherever

I have realized that the fire was never completely out. The embers were stoked at Level Up Impact where I was able to meet and hear Sarah McVanel, Drew Dudley, James Rouse and my amazing friend Shelley Butler. They talked about failure, making everyday day one, body mind mastery and finding healing from your pain. I bought the book The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman and started to tap into that Bikini Grandmaster Competitor that I used to be. I started looking at and posting pictures of that 2nd place body and remembering how proud I was at that moment.

This has been the spark that I have been missing. I am on track with meals, workouts, and for the first time in months, I have the passion to sit at a computer and write again. I love how all the components and people that have come into my life have led to this moment. It’s like the Universe has set up a bonfire, and I just needed Shakira and JLO to toss in the match.

Let’s Get Loud

This is from my point of view, with my opinions. I am not asking you to agree with me and I am not interested in having a debate. I would encourage you to reflect on your feelings about it.  Reading the comments the next day gave me the opportunity to evaluate the times that I have judged others and reminded me to be more aware when I am tempted to comment on anyone else’s way of being.

In the meantime, I am so glad that I have the fire back, and I am feeling my fierce self again. I hope you have something that lights a fire in your belly, and that you fan the flames.

Thank you, Shakira and JLO for being fierce. I’m on fire!








Author: Michelle

I have filled many roles over my life: daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Grand Master Bikini Competitor. All of these life experiences have provided me with a wealth of stories to share. Words are my refuge and my strength.

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