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Craig Prosser is one of the experts that I talked about in Building Bridges. One of the most powerful and life changing conversations that I have had with him was about what brought us joy when we were children. For me it was words, whether I was reading or writing. For him, it was all about interior design. I challenged him to find ways to reconnect with that love, and to share it with others. That’s how it came to pass that Craig created CP Real Designs . I’m happy to be working with him in this new venture.


Craig’s vision is to help people to reconnect with the things they love. So often we fill up our space with things and we don’t really have any idea what’s there. When we have someone look at it with fresh eyes, and who asks the right questions, we can see what needs to go. I was going to say to make room for something new, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s about freeing up space.


When you look at the things you have, and really see them, you honour the things you love by using or displaying them.


By reusing items in other ways, you save money and keep those things from the landfill.

Craig came over to my house to chat about the vision Ray and I have for our house. Since it would soon be time to start decorating for Christmas, we decided to focus on that for now. Craig was a little shocked when I told him I have a collection 32 Santas. He said that was too many. We will see what happens when he comes back in a couple of weeks to help me find places for them all.

The first challenge

There were stacks of cross stitch books that lined the shelves of the mantle bookcase.  I had never used any of the books so Craig challenged me to let them go.  I took a basket full of assorted books to a used book store and ended up with $47 trade credit. Now those books can bring joy to someone else. There are still “coffee table books” that need to go.

Emotional landmines

I found a stack of pictures of my kids when they were little. When I spread them all out on the table, I was overwhelmed with emotions, and what to do. So, I walked away for a bit, then went back and kept one pose from each and threw the rest in the garbage. Do not underestimate the power of the emotional reaction while you are cleaning out your “stuff”. Give yourself some space to logically think about what is important, and then keep moving forward.

I will continue to purge items, and pack away some things until after the Christmas season. Once that is all done, Craig and I will be working our way through the house to revision, re-purpose and reconnect. I invite you to come along on this journey as I document it over the next few months.

If you are looking to update your home, Craig will  work with you to create a space that you love. You can contact him here.

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