Try Again Tuesday Mindset


“Try again Tuesday”. I’m going to make it a thing. I always have so many good intentions of getting started on something. Usually, I pick Mondays as my start day, but then Monday comes and goes. So here I am on “Try again Tuesday”.

My personal history is rife with examples of me getting excited about doing something, and then letting the fear of not doing it perfectly stop me in my tracks. That’s why this journey back to good health habits is so challenging. I am not seeing results “fast enough” so I say what the hell and go back to unhealthy choices. Which means I am not seeing results at all…and the cycle continues. So does the self-blame and yes, loathing.

Never mind that Ray and I went to the gym twice last week, and I did yoga at home, once. I am sleeping better, waking up earlier, and generally have more energy. So, things are changing.

Check in with Geoff

This week’s interesting conversation with Geoff centered once again around the bodybuilding competition world, and what I liked most about competing. Geoff asked me if I liked the glitz and glamour of it all, the hair and makeup and the blingy suits. My response was immediate.

“Yes, I loved it. You’d never know it looking at me now, but I love the makeup and hair and the shiny nails.”

Then I had an epiphany, a light bulb moment. Why shouldn’t I be doing my hair and makeup and have pretty nails? Being home babysitting and working on my blog means that I don’t see a lot of people, so most days, I haul on schlumpy clothes and just hang out. I’m comfortable, but not making much of an effort.

Why am I not worth the effort to spend some time on myself, just for my own sake? Why do I only do my makeup when I am going to be seen by people that I don’t know?

I am always the first person to support another. Now it is time to do that for me.

I know it wasn’t a coincidence that this week I was reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. There are lots of reasons why I love this book, and the section on decisions is gold. I highlighted something on just about every page.

“This is where being connected to your desire and Source Energy and having an unshakeable belief in the not yet seen, is so critical.”

“Try again Tuesday” is a catchy phrase, but the truth is, every day we have another chance to try again. We just have to leave the baggage behind and move forward, with love.

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